What the Customer Needs and Wants

Securus Technologies is an information technology corporation that, interestingly enough, follows a particular niche that other companies have not dared to tread. Unlike other corporations within the information technology field, Securus Technologies focuses attention primarily on the penal system within the United States. Their clients are inmates and their family members, as well as individuals who work within the judicial system. Forms of technology that Securus Technologies create and implements are an interesting video chat service, as well as secure communication technologies like monitoring system and audio recording. In recent news, Securus Technologies has acquired a financial options corporation found on the internet, known as GovPayNet. This type of buyout will allow Securus to accept Paypal, different types of credit cards, and more archaic means, such as check by phone.


It is unknown when the merger will take place, although when it does clients and Securus Technologies will be able to benefit from the different payment methods immediately. This will be the first time that Securus Technologies has decided to purchase another company for its own benefit, but hopefully, it will not be the last time, as long as such a decision supports their customer’s needs. The high-level support this will create is something that Securus Technologies is already Well known for in the communication industry. Loyal customers often times mean timely payments, and Securus Technologies is on top of the competition when it comes to giving their customers what they want.


For more information on this particular buyout you can visit the following link: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/securus-technologies-inc-to-acquire-jpay-inc-300065531.html

Securus Technologies Is Taking A Stand Against Inmates Committing Crimes

Robert Johnson is the newest employee of Securus Technologies. Robert once worked in a prison listed as one of toughest in America. His job was to confiscate cell phones from inmates. At the time, Johnson did not even understand how an inmate would even get a cell phone into their cell. Johnson left his job after a man came into his home and shot him six times. It was soon discovered that an inmate called with a cell phone called a friend to go and kill Johnson. From that point on, Robert Johnson committed to taking a stand against inmates with cell phones.


Robert Johnson believes that confiscating a cell phone is not enough. Flip phones are cheap, and an inmate will always be able to get another phone. Johnson watched as visitors word sneak cell phones to their incarcerated family members or friends. Johnson also watched several drones drop dozens of cell phones into the prison yard. Robert Johnson believes technology is the only way to stop inmates from using cell phones.


Securus Technologies has developed a wireless containment system. All Securus needs is a specific cell phone number, and they can program this number to neither call someone nor receive calls. Once an inmate makes a call, the phone will disconnect. The best part about the technology is that the calls are listed on a database controlled by Securus, so they immediately know which inmate tried to make the call.


Securus Technologies has already stopped almost 2 million outgoing calls, and they plan to double this number over the next several months. Securus is working closely with Robert Johnson to develop the technology in a way that is beneficial and safe for both the public and inmates. Securus Technologies is happy to have Robert Johnson as part of their team. Robert Johnson has worked in the prison system for almost 30 years, so he is able to give Securus sure advice on how to execute their technology.


Securus Technologies – Leading Technology Company for Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies is a United States based company that provides the most advanced technology to inmates and correctional facilities throughout the world. The company was founded in 1986 and currently serves over 2,000 correctional facilities with more than 1,000 employees. Securus Technologies announced in the summer of 2016 that they had invested more than $600 million in advancing their technologies and creating patents.


As the leading provider for criminal and civil systems, Securus receives a large amount of correspondence from facility customers all over the world. Securus is famous for using their technological advancements to help prevent crimes and other activities from happening. Their secure monitoring systems are one of the most high end generated systems in the world, and they are helping save lives, secure safety and welcome monitoring communications. Thousands of letters were received from facility customers saying that because of Securus, they were able to locate information from certain phone calls and track down a staff member that wasn’t following protocol. Other letters report that because of Securus, they were able to monitor important phone calls between inmates and outside sources which led to a drug interaction.


For over 30 years, Securus has been providing ways to revolutionize technology and stay relevant with all of the advancements being produced. They have developed over 140 patents and provide products that others don’t provide. Their headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas, where they vow to connect what matters. They work hard to provide exceptional services to their customers and ensure that each transaction is securely monitored. They are proud to provide high quality services at an affordable price while offering the most revolutionized innovative technologies. For many years they have been able to invest their income back into the company. They report that approximately $19 million has been reinvested back into Securus.


Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is bringing a whole new way of communicating to households today. In the case that someone’s family member, friend, or significant other is in jail, one of the only form of communication they have typically had was through visitation. This type of communication usually consists of them setting up an appointment at s time that is both convenient for them and the jail. Fortunately, there is a new form of communication available for visitors in which they can communicate with their friend, family members, or significant other Witt being required to leave their place of residence. Securus Technologies is s brilliantly engineered and designed program that is enabling people to communicate with one another in a visitation mode without the hassles that often exists with traditional forms of jail visitation. Please do not hesitate to visit the Securus Technologies website to see whether your correctional facility is currently utilizing this brand new state-of-the-art communications platform. You may find that it is a system that will greatly benefit you, whether you are the visitor or the inmate.


Upon visiting the website, you may find that there are many different things to read; however, you should be aware that it is actually quite an easy program to utilize. Customer service representatives are eager to assist current or prospective customers with any questions and/or concerns that they may have in pertinence to the Securus Technologies program. Visitation of an inmate in jail has never been easier or more convenient. Whether you are seeking to make it a one-time session, or one on s recurring schedule, please do not hesitate to utilize Securus Technologies for your needs of communications. Not only is it completely safe and secure for all parties involved in the communications protocol, but it is also a program that has been a catalyst in solving crimes.


Securus Challenges their Number One Competitor!

Securus Technologies, based in Dallas, Texas, is the leading provider of technology solutions for public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies around the country. They also serve over 1,200,000 inmates. They recently issued a challenge to their number one competitor, Global Tel Link (GTL) in order to prove once and for all that Securus Technologies is a far superior company offering high quality services that GTL simply can’t match.



When reading about the two companies, I would bet real dollars that Securus will win the challenge. They have invested over seven million dollars into their business in the past 4 years. GTL uses an older premise based platform, one that Securus used to use but moved away from due to the non-robustness of the platform.



I also think that Securus will win hands down because of their U.S. based customer service department. GTL outsources much of their call center operations. GTL also uses independent contractors for field based work, while Securus uses their in-house staff of technology experts.



As far as the calling platform itself, Securus Technologies stands heads above any competitor. They have a far larger set of services geared to the corrections industry. Securus created the larged VOIP Corrections calling platform in the world. Their call center performance is 600% better than GTL’s meaning that there must be some very long wait times for GTL customers. For a single dollar that GTL is able to take from Securus, Securus takes four from GTL.



I personally don’t see GTL being a challenge at all. They didn’t invest millions. They are on an old communications platform. They outsource too much of their operations. GTL needs to acknowledge the clear leader in criminal justice solutions, and that can only be Securus. Most likely they will not accept the challenge as the results are guaranteed to be in Securus’s favor.