NGP VAN Helps Democratic Campaigns Stay Tech Savvy

The past of high action intensive campaigns from the 1950s is now a technology based process. Data is used to connect voters u with campaigns. This technology helps candidates to put a number on their likely voters and to connect with them to encourage them to vote on Election Day.


What is NGP VAN?

The Obama presidential campaigns in 2008 and 2012 used a combination of tech, data, and social media to be a success. His campaigns used the tech of NGP VAN. NGP VAN is a Washington, data based data and web hosting company that is used by the Democratic Party, Liberal Canada Party, and many other hundreds of progressive organizations and labor unions. NGP VAN gives Democratic campaigns the ability to use the latest innovations in tech to have an advantage.


Tech Creates the Campaigns of Tomorrow

Political campaigns have long used the latest technology to make their campaign be a success. Because tech is always changing, people working on campaigns and candidates have to keep that in mind and seek out the most appropriate technology for their campaign to have success.


Past Campaign Uses of Innovative Technology

President FDR was elected to public office for four terms. He utilized the latest of technology of the time frame for his campaigns. He did fireside chat radio talks to connect to voters across the country. At the time his fireside chats likely seemed highly innovative to citizens and hearing him speak on a variety of issues allowed people from all across the country the ability to hear his Olivia ideas and what was currently going on in the nation.


Tech Innovations of the 21st Century

Prototype Politics: Technology Intensive Campaigning and the Data of Democracy is a book by Daniel Kreiss that discusses how political parties have infused technology into their campaigns. The book goes into depth on campaigns becoming tech focused and digital. Big data has completely altered the way campaigns run. The use of digital strategizing in the Obama campaign helped to connect him to younger voters and to organize voter events.


When Obama first ran for president, social media pages like Twitter were very young. Today, the current president uses Twitter as his go to for connecting with voters. Social media is now a vital part of campaigning. Using social media and web data campaign tools like NGP VAN allows for campaigns to be as innovative as possible. This may change again in a few years, but now NGP VAN is the campaign tool of choice for Democrats to run a strong and innovative campaign.