The Leadership of InnovaCare Health and their Role in the Success of the Firm

About Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto is a force to reckon in the medical care world. Rick began his over twenty years career as a pulmonologist and internist at a practice located in Southern California. Later on, Rick moved to MedPartners where he served as the Vice President of medical management. After some time, Rick Shinto relocated to Orange County where he worked at Cal Optimal Health Plan as a senior medical officer. Mr. Shinto also worked at Pathways Management Company as the operations manager and CMO. Over time, Rick Shinto rose to the rank of senior medical management officer at NAMM California. Later on, Rick Shinto joined Aveta Incorporation as managing staff and worked his way up to become the Chief Executive Officer. Rick Shinto is the current President of a North American health giant known as InnovaCare Health. In 2012, Rick Shinto won the coveted Entrepreneur of the Year Award for his exemplary, innovative capabilities.


About Penelope Kokkinides


Penelope Kokkinides is a figure to reckon and an expert in the management of government health programs, Medicaid and Medicare plan. Penelope also has in-depth experience and knowledge in the management of healthcare programs. Moreover, Kokkinides is highly qualified in the creation of innovative clinical programs. Her career began at Centerlight Healthcare as a chief management officer responsible for overseeing the operations of the entire managed care division. Penelope Kokkinides previously worked at Americhoice, which is a business unit of the UnitedHealth as the Corporate Vice President of disease management and care management sector. Prior, she worked as the Head of Operations at Touchstone Health. Penelope Kokknides once served as the Chief Operating Officer at InnovaCare Health before her reappointment as the Chief Administrative Officer in June 2015.


About InnovaCare Health


InnovaCare Incorporation is a North-American practice that specializes in Medicare Advantage Programs and Provider Networks. InnovaCare utilizes the latest tech to develop affordable, sustainable, and innovate healthcare services and products. In fact, InnovaCare Health recognizes that everyone has unique health goals, and therefore, their products are customer-centric. The ultimate goal of InnovaCare Health is to transform the medical care world and address all challenges plaguing the industry. MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice are InnovaCare Health’s primary health care programs. InnovaCare Health currently has over 200,000 registered members. In 2011, the National Committee for Quality Assurance accredited InnovaCare Health for the quality of its Medicare Advantage healthcare plan. In fact, it was the first firm to receive that distinction.


InnovaCare Health Values

There are too many challenges facing today’s healthcare environment. Healthcare seems like it should be simple, but it’s incredibly complex. Thankfully, there are companies like InnovaCare Health. Well, in truth, no company is like InnovaCare Health. InnovaCare is taking today’s complex healthcare environment on head-on.

InnovaCare Health is led by an extraordinary team of experts. Every member is focused on strengthening patient-provider relationships. Strong relationships give way to better communication, and better communication leads to better quality health care. Much of InnovaCare’s resources are used to build sustainable models of managed care. The perfect model combines coordination, cost-effectiveness, and innovation, and is driven by quality. Visit their website at

At InnovaCare, the patients always come first. Second is the quality care they receive. That’s the end goal for a physician working at an InnovaCare facility; quality medical care. That’s why patient-provider relationships are so important. It leads to healthier, longer lasting outcomes and enhances the patient’s quality of life.

InnovaCare is what it is because of its medical practices and networks. InnovaCare Health is led by strong physicians who ensure quality care, efficiency, and sustainability. Part of being a strong leader is taking responsibility. Every stakeholder at InnovaCare is held accountable to their high standards.

Dr. Richard Shinto is a big part of InnovaCare. He’s currently President and CEO of InnovaCare, Inc. Prior to InnovaCare, he was President and CEO of Aveta Inc. He worked there until its sale in 2012. Upon joining InnovaCare, he worked with their health plans. Now, he’s CEO of their health plans in Puerto Rico.

Dr. Shinto’s worked in managed care for more than 20 years with a focus on clinical and operational healthcare. He has medical tenure in Southern California as a practicing internist and pulmonologist. He’s written numerous articles on health care and clinical medicine.

Penelope Kokkinides is another part of InnovaCare’s brilliant leadership. This is Kokkinides’s second time working with InnovaCare. The first time, she served as COO. Now, she’s their Chief Administrative Officer. She too worked at Aveta Inc. There, she was COO and VP of Clinical Operations. Read the company overview at Bloomberg.

Kokkinides specializes in working with government programs and the entire managed care industry. She’s worked in that field for over 20 years and has invaluable experience. She also has extensive knowledge in developing clinical programs and managing health care processes.