Wealth Solutions, Inc.

The world is dynamic, and it changes inevitably. Financial markets are not an exception. With the transformations in business and finances, people nowadays ought to be wise and at the same time flexible in their investments. However, it is not a surprise that a majority of individuals usually find themselves unplanned and therefore exposed to financial risks. Richard Blair formed Wealth Solutions, Inc. (WCI), with the aim of providing financial solutions and planning on personal grounds to individuals, families and business owners.


Many clients are aware that retirement is inevitable, and at a point, their ages will no longer permit them to work. They, therefore, are trying to seek a constant and steady flow of retirement benefits that will cater for not only them but also their dependents. It is also a fact that many individuals would like to leave a grand legacy for their heirs. Wealth Solutions identifies these goals and plans and seeks to allow clients achieve high earnings with less financial risks. WSI helps its clienteles to come up with a financial plan that will enable them to meet their retirement goals.


To be able to provide financial advice, WSI collects personal information that is non-public from clients during application. Furthermore, communications, brokerage accounts, and transaction information are also needed. This information provided is typically restricted to employees who need it to service client accounts.


Being a Registered Investment Advisory Firm, Wealth Solutions provides its services to the people of Austin, and the surrounding areas among Houston, Bastrop, Marble Falls, Georgetown and New Braunfels.


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions, Inc.; grew up under the helm of teachers; as his grandmother, mother and even wife were educators. He came to realize and also witness that teaching not only boosts the level of knowledge but also builds and improves on an individual’s confidence. Richard joined the financial services industry in 1993 after graduating from college. He had the urge to help people with their financial problems, and this dream was fulfilled the following year when he founded Wealth Solutions.


Richard Blair has a lot of experience in the retirement field. He helps clients, through his firm, to minimize the gap that exists between planning for and living in retirement. He makes individuals aware that there usually are challenges and risks when retirement is unplanned and therefore provides solutions on how to avoid the risks and achieve a successful retirement. Learn more: https://www.wealthminder.com/financial-advisors/TX/bee-cave/richard-blair/326407