PSI Pay: From Classic To VIP

Forty years ago, in semi urgency auditorium formats across Junior High Schools all throughout the USA, it was announced that we would need to adjust to centimeters, kilograms and liters because of the influence of the European markets. The consolation was, we’d be able to purchase from vending machines just by waving a card. Four decades later, we’re still digging for quarter dollars, albeit they’re quite the work of art, dimes and nickels to get that Coca Cola, Pepsi or pack of peanut M&Ms to drop into our lovely little hands. Change, as PSI Pay has noticed, takes time. But once it clicks, like a speedy overpass, we never use the congested, regional roads again.


Coming from the recent era of ‘show me the money,’ acceptance of digital currency and its requisite platforms is seeing this clash with former mindsets versus practicality. Newer generations have some exposure to positive gains of digital exchange from any number of computerized games that employ a type of ‘influence banking and sharing,’ such as, TurboCharged, SIMS/SIMS4, and MAFIA II & III. Those of us still smitten by Classic Monopoly and Charades for family and neighborhood fun, not so much. PSI Pay aims to bridge that cognitive and experiential gap. Also known as ecoPayz, PSI Pay has partnered with KERV to present the first ever payment ring.


In operation since 2007, PSI Pay provides global digital wallet access allowing more than one currency to populate and transact through your PSI Pay account. You can make deposits from your debit or credit cards and other online banking exchange formats, as well. Thereby keeping your financial data more secure at the point of sale. Phil Davies, Tony Davis and Craig James, the managerial team and masterminds behind PSI Pay services each come from a rich background in banking, risk strategy and currency exchange technology. They offer free sign on whereupon users can begin depositing and transacting right away. Select from these five levels of service conveniences, Classic, Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP, the latter three of which include free exchange of international currencies. PSI Pay is found especially relevant for today’s world traveler whether by plane or augmented reality. You experience seamless mobility without the hassle of losing access to your banking balances because your traditional bank cannot understand how you just purchased a dress in Paris then an espresso in Italy.


Even those of us who then recognized that it was just a matter of time before the gadgets in Get Smart episodes would become available to the general population may find ourselves having a difficult time wrapping our heads around the concepts of wave and go payment technology. PSI Pay promises that, before long, we’ll wonder what took us so long.