Gareth Henry Joins New Investment Firm

Longtime finance executive Gareth Henry will be changing his employment by becoming the newest member of the firm Angelo, Gordon & Co. Henry will serve as the managing director, head of global investor relations and also as a partner. At this position, he will continue to provide leadership as well as manage important client relations. He will report to the firm’s President Lawrence Schloss. With this new opportunity, Gareth Henry will be in position to continue making a positive impact on investment firms. He will help this develop better client relations as well as get more clients for the firm. Henry is looking forward to working at Angelo, Gordon & Co.

Before taking his new position at Angelo, Gordon & Co. Gareth Henry worked at investment firm known as Fortress Investment Group. While working at this firm, he would serve as the global head of investor relations as well as in the marketing department. At these two positions, Henry’s main focus was to bring in new clients and contribute to the firm’s expansion. As well as expanding the firm, he would also participate in making sure that clients are satisfied and that they are getting their particular needs met. When Gareth worked at Fortress Investment Group, he helped the firm continue to establish itself as a leading financial services firm.

Once he was officially hired as the new global head of investor relations, Gareth Henry was thrilled about joining Angelo, Gordon & Co. He said in a recent interview that the firm is a proven entity when it comes to helping maximize investor returns. He also said that the firm has been able to be one of the very best at adjusting to market cycles at a given time. Henry looks forward to helping Angelo, Gordon & Co expand and establish itself as a leading investment firm.

Gareth Henry spent a number of years working at investment firms in London before coming to the United States. One of is most notable experiences was when he worked as a researcher at a firm called Schroders. At this position, he would evaluate a number of different types of asset classes. He would also serve as an investment analyst during the beginning of his career.

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Shafik Sachedina

Shafik Sachedina is a well-established individual in the United Kingdom and a businessman. Sachedina’s primary goal is to transform the Ismaili Community positively. Therefore, his mission is to make the Ismaili Community influential not just in the UK, but across the globe. The philanthropist is a member and an advisory in the Institute of the Ismaili Studies. The Institute upholds the Muslim culture and promotes the history of the Ismaili Community. Born and raised in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, Sachedina moved to the UK in his adolescence. Thereupon, he joined Guy Medical Hospital in London where he studied dental surgeon.

Shafik Sachedina seeks success in preaching the information about the Ismaili Community and educate the community members about the Muslim culture. The high influence of the Ismaili Community to the community members happens through the collaboration with the Aga Khan Foundation. Sachedina is a supporter of the Aga Khan Foundation. The foundation is the UK’s registered charity organization that promotes the useful life of the Ismaili Community members in the entire world. Sachedina is the principal organizer of the Ismaili Community’s missions. Therefore, he sacrifices his time and attention for the community’s charity missions.

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Shafik Sachedina is a co-chair of Sussex Healthcare; the UK’s registered senior healthcare facility. As a qualified dental surgeon, Sachedina provides quality leadership and strategic models to offer mental and physical stimulation to the residents. The goal of Sussex is to give recreational environment and a favorable place for leisure to the elderly. Alongside taking care of the seniors, the institution offers healing environment to adults with developing situations like learning disabilities, neurological condition, brain injuries, and autism. The residents have a brighter life experience without mental or physical pain. We participate in the outdoor activities like gardening with those who want. Other amenities include track hoists, spa pools, specialized gymnasium, and sensory rooms. Under the leadership of Sachedina, the institution received the Investor in People Award.

After graduating from the University of London with the degree of the dental surgeon, Shafik Sachedina practiced dentistry for many years. Also, he partnered with various healthcare institution to offer proper services to the patients. Sachedina ensures an excellent medical experience to all of his patients at all time. Sachedina was the primary organizer of the delegations that were settling the confrontational issues between Syria and Afghanistan. On two occasions, Sachedina was the president of the Ismaili Community. Shafik Sachedina has many honors for his adorable leadership in various fields.

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Shervin Pishevar Uses Twitter to Express Deep Concerns about US Economy

Shervin Pishevar used Twitter as a platform to express some deep concerns that he has regarding not just the US economy but also the entire business and political system in the United States. He is one of Silicon Valley’s heavyweights and was an early investor in companies like Airbnb and Uber. He is more recently known for his startup Hyperloop One. This is a transportation based company that promises to build trains that go at super speeds and produce little to no pollution.


On the dates of February 5th and February 6th, 2018, Shervin Pishevar sent out 50 points making grim predictions about the US economy and explaining why he felt like the entire system in the United States is teetering on destruction. His Twitter storm started after the stock market experienced a dramatic drop. It is obvious that the stock market went down, but what is not so obvious is what Shervin Pishevar thinks will be even further slippage. He predicted that the market is going to continue to dip by another 6,000 aggregate points in the months to come.


Not long after making that prediction, Shervin Pishevar said that US citizens should expect hints of quantitative easing from US leaders if the market did not normalize quickly. He said it is the only tool that has ever had long-term predictable results but that no one should be fooled by it. It has been used too many times to continue to be effective.


Another point that he made is that inflation is dead. He does not see it as an antidote contained to US borders, mentioning that it has been exported for decades. Under the current administration, Shervin Pishevar doesn’t have faith that any global trade deals are going to fix the situation.


Shervin Pishevar is a big believer moonshots. He did have some good things to say about a couple of them. One is the company that he founded, Hyperloop One. The other one he mentioned was SpaceX. This is a company that was started by Elon Musk, who is the individual who gave Pishevar the idea for Hyperloop One. He feels that these companies can do some good.

Adam Milstein’s Philanthropic Works

While working as an authority at Hagar Pacific and building up two significant philanthropic affiliations might be adequate tops for a couple, Adam Milstein has space for extra. His eagerness for bracing the ties of Jewish Americans with the Homeland fills his essentialness to do all that he can. Despite his Family Foundation and the IAC, Adam Milstein is incorporated with various affiliations. He set up this Hebrew and Jewish family training program. SP-BA sends eminent Hebrew children’s written work and music to families on multi-month to month start. The materials are proposed for quite a while 2-8. Adam Milstein serves on the leading gathering of this worldwide preparing affiliation. StandWithUs was built up in 2001, and its inspiration is to share Israel’s side of the story amidst all the misdirection enveloping the Middle East conflict. Israel on Campus Coalition affiliation is arranged in Washington, D.C., connects with an arrangement of Israel supporters to give information and resources for master Israel supporters on school grounds. It was set up in the midst of a deluge of unfriendly to Semitism in 2002. Adam Milstein has been incorporated since its root.

Adam Milstein has the vitality for his work. He contributes the majority of his energy possessed with accommodating and charitable activities, functioning admirably past the necessities of a throughout the day work for no money related reward. Meanwhile, he keeps up his obligations as a regulating accessory at Hager Pacific Properties.


Milstein’s trust in the centrality of charitable affiliation infers he’s prepared to work from the heart, driven by something far past a remuneration check. He is induced by a significant eagerness for his kinfolk, his nation, and its future, and empowers that imperativeness to channel through into his noble work on an ordinary introduce.

Given his vitality, Milstein has gotten affirmation and view as a leading figure in the unselfish world. In April 2017, Adam Milstein was viewed as one of the 200 Most Influential Do-Gooders on the planet by the electronic stage Richtopia.

Ronald Fowlkes: Watching Backs

Our military and armed forces are the best of the best. They are trained to stop any force on the planet and to protect the citizens of our country. But the question is who is watching their backs for protection? Well, I recently found out its people like Ronald Fowlkes. This former U.S. marine and SWAT member is doing a job that people don’t usually think about.

Ronald Fowlkes is the Manager of Business development for First Spear a company that creates tactical gear to protect soldiers, policeman, and even security guards. Ronald always had a love for the military and at 17 joined the marines right out of high school. After spending years in the field, he now dedicates his time to this new craft. He actually first came to know First Spear as a soldier himself and always remembered the great quality of the product. His experience in the field has lead him to know what gear and quality is needed by our military to do their job thoroughly. Ronald believes deeply in teamwork and thinks that’s what spurs the success of many of his ideas. In fact, he thinks surrounding one’s self and learning how to manage or delegate them is something imperative and he recommends others to do so. Recently they came up with new technology involving tubes and laser cutting that has lightened the new gear sets by 40%. Ronald’s strategy to grow businesses is too simply focus on customer satisfaction and with this job satisfaction from the customers is 100% imperative as lives are involved.

Ronald Fowlkes tries to balance his personal activities and office job every day. He spends a lot of his early work day getting calls from international buyers. First Spear equipment however is made completely domestically in the U.S. Ronald Fowlkes seems to work like a well-oiled machine in the job place and seems to his own system of getting things done. He likes to write everything down and it definitely pays off. Ronald Fowlkes uses his experience as a soldier to make our soldiers safer with his designs from First Spear. With him there to support its hard to see the military failing in any venture.


Sahm Adrangi: The Man Behind Kerrisdale Capital

Just in his mid-thirties, Sahm Adrangi has made a name for himself in the world of capital management. He is the founder and CEO of Kerrisdale Capital Management.

Sahm Adrangi has Yale in his educational background. He graduated from the school in 2003 with a B.A. in economics. During his time at his alma mater, he wrote for the Yale Daily News. During that time, he leaned to the left politically.

After graduating, Sahm Adrangi set about making a name for himself. He started out at Deutsche Bank’s leveraged-finance investment banking group. Later, he would serve as an investment analyst at Longacre Fund Management. Soon, however, he would move on to bigger things that would turn the name Sahm Adrangi into one that would be well-recognized within the world of investing.

Adrangi founded Kerrisdale Capital Management in 2009 with just less than $1 million. Since the company’s founding, he has been actively involved in all aspects of the business. From that humble beginning of just under $1 million, Adrangi has grown the business into a capital management firm that handles approximately $500 million or so in assets as of May 2016.

Two things that Adrangi is known for is short selling and publishing research. In fact, Kerrisdale Capital has made a name for itself due to its savvy research and bold moves in short selling. In one unusual move, Adrangi raised $100 million in a co-investment fund that appears to be the first of its kind in order to bet against a single stock: Dish Network.

While some may take more conservative paths within the world of finance, Sahm Adrangi has chosen to forge a much bolder path. That is how the man behind Kerrisdale Capital Management has turned what started as a fairly small company into a major success.

Eric Lefkofsky: Leaving a Lasting Legacy

More people are being diagnosed with cancer, especially in the United States. Scientists are blaming the rising number of cancer patients with the present way of life, and they are attributing most of the cases in the food people eat. According to statistics, over 40% of people will be diagnosed with the disease in their lifetimes, and currently, there are more than 14 million people in the United States who are fighting against the disease. Scientists from all over the world are working together to fight the disease, and they are using all of the available materials to create a cure. Eric Lefkofsky, an American scientist and the founder of Tempus, is one of the dedicated scientists who would like to find a way on how to cure cancer.

Eric Lefkofsky has a wife who was diagnosed with breast cancer, and he is using all of the available resources to find a way on how to treat her. He currently works at Tempus, a company that he co-founded. Tempus is a technological company which introduced the data-enabled precision medicine. This system is now being used all over the world, and it allows the scientists to share information with one another in a short period. The system is also capable of storing vast amounts of data that can be accessed later on. Scientists who are studying cancer, also called oncologists, are working with their patients to identify their present conditions. With the system developed by Tempus, the scientists can save the information directly into the system, and their colleagues can see all the details about their patient’s health.

This is what Eric Lefkofsky wanted to happen. He developed the system from Tempus because he wanted to revolutionize the way people with cancer are treated. With the advanced technology installed in the system from Tempus, it can analyze the clinical and molecular data of each patient. Eric Lefkofsky is hoping that the system from Tempus will be used for the advancement of research regarding cancer. He is optimistic that a few years from now, a cure for cancer will be developed because of the comprehensive source of information made available to scientists.

Journey of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Philanthropic Work

Lacey and Larkin are some of the acknowledged individuals in the society who are well respected they were able to start Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund whereby their main objective helping migrants to fight for their rights. Furthermore, the organization was found in the year 2013.

The foremost objective of the organization also was that Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey was to fund and dedicate themselves to fighting for the rights of the Hispanic immigrants who are situated in Arizona. Mostly they made a good name for themselves due to the better behavior that the showed as journalist hence they were able appointed as the head of Phoenix New Times and the Voice Media. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

Besides that they were detained in the year 2007 these are due they covered on the violation of immigrant of Joe Arpio which they exposed the Maricopa County Sheriff which carried out shady business and they were corrupt and their detention was unlawful.

Hence Maricopa County was able to compensate Lacey and Larkin $3.75 million these are due to the sentence they were given and it was against the Fifth Amendment rights. With the money that they received, they were able to help charity organization so they can be able to live better lives.

Justice for Immigrants Families (JIF) is a podium that was started by Foremost Phoenix Legal Action Network and the program is also being sponsored by Frontera Fund.

From the discovery that the organization obtains is that they help a charity that assists 325,000 undocumented people. those immigrants who live in Arizona don’t have good jobs and those who have are given less cash whereby they cannot have enough money to pay for legal service, therefore, a lot of individuals is being deported due to lack of lawyers to represent them on their hearings. Immigrants are now grateful this is because they are able to attain help from JIF and bono lawyers.

Also, their services are cheap and they are pleased with their trial and the firm has also been able to make alertness by teaching people about their rights in legal advice, creating workshop and orientation. Immigrants are able to get approval in numerous strategies due to the firm being able to associate with social agencies. Furthermore, Immigrants who are located in Arizona have the chance to get social and economic rights these is because of the Justice for Immigrants Families which help them in achieving all these.

The foundation of Frontera Fund enabled Promise Arizona (Paz) to be one of the beneficiaries whereby firm is an immigrant firm that’s has been helping people from 2010 with the objective of protesting SB 1070 law that harasses immigrants from Arizona.

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Sajwani’s Role in the Growth of DAMAC Properties

Roots and Career History of Hussain Sajwani


The chairman of DAMAC properties Hussain Sajwani has had a history in the food industries. Long before the establishment of the DAMAC properties in 2002, the Hussain Sajwani family had taken part in establishing of hotels in Middles East after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the influx of visitors in Dubai. The hotels he built targeted to the business people coming to trade in Dubai. However, despite the increased sales in the hotels, Sajwani identified unexploited, yet a potential market of dealing with engineering, real estate, and construction. The visitors from different parts of the globe were getting interested in owning property in Dubai, and thus the real estate business established in Dubai with international touch would be essential.


History of DAMAC Properties


DAMAC Properties began its operations in 2002 as an opportunity to tap the real estate development which remained untapped. DAMAC Properties is a well-performing firm having made its brand recognizable in the industry through its various roles. The company has about two thousand employees with shares traded in Dubai Financial market. As a public company, it has one of the best financial records through the maintenance of consistent growth over time and being able to withstand economic crisis.


The Milestones of DAMAC Properties


It is among the best luxury properties developers and has so far constructed over 16,800 homes, whereas it has a development range of over 44,000 units in various planning and progress stages. The DAMAC owner, Sajwani has built strong relationships with prominent people like President Trump who has been his business partner. In fact, their relationship has gone beyond business to a cordial relationship such that the families visit each other. The Trump organization manages the Tiger Woods golf course project.

Additionally, through the DAMAC ‘Maison,’ the company provides bespoke services to residents of over 12,000 hotel apartments in the Middle East. Such services have placed DAMAC among the leading hotel apartment operators in the region and area that has high potential for growth as more business people adopt hotel apartments.


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Whitney Wolfe Has Business Professionals Buzzing About Bumble Bizz

What Whitney Wolfe has realized more so than anything is that people are looking for a chance to stay connected to friends online and actually meet new friends. Sometimes this involves dating. At other times they are interested in networking. There are all kind of ways for people to engage with one another when it comes to building better apps.

Whitney Wolfe has certainly shown that there is a lot to gain by creating a platform where networking with one another can be put to use through her app. That may be one of the biggest reasons that she decided to introduce Bumble Bizz.

Whitney Wolfe would diversify her dating app and make people much more aware of the greater possibilities of networking. She did not want to be a company that was pigeonholed into just being a dating app.

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Whitney Wolfe has had the foresight to realize that people that found matches on Bumble would no longer have a need for an app if this is the only thing that she specialized in. That’s why she wanted to make a company like Bumble much more diverse by creating opportunities for people to find friends and network with potential business partners. People can appreciate the diversity that Whitney Wolfe has brought to the social media world because that allows them to connect through one company.

They have access to a multitude of different things even if they are not dating. This is what makes her different from all of the entrepreneurs that have been doing things separately. She has been successful because she has been willing to expand.

This is the way that Whitney Wolfe has managed to stay relevant in recent months. She has continued to give people access to an app world where there is more to see because she continues to bring forth a high level of diversity. She borrow some things from apps like Snapchat. At other times she creates a new wave of excitement through her apps by borrowing from Facebook. Her ability to borrow concepts and tweak these apps in her own way makes Bumble popular.

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