EOS Lip Balm Shook Up Stagnant Market

These days EOS lip balm is easily recognized by its circular shape and bright colors, but once upon the time the only way to buy chapstick was in a tube. It’s a small difference, but it turned out to be a big difference because a few shifts in thinking allowed EOS to completely flip the lip balm industry on its head. So how did they do it? Well they thought outside of the box, or in this case, the cylinder tube.

Cofounder of the company, Sanhiv Mehra explained that they took a look at the lip balm industry and noticed that it lip balm was just being treated as a functional item instead of a fun item. Despite the fact that women made up a large group of the target market, most brands had not attempted to do much to garner excitement. Even fad colors and tastes came in a tube with a label splashed around it.

The secret to breaking out was to engage consumers, in this case females, and give them a lip balm product that would be fun to use for all five of their senses. EOS started by looking at how an everyday product could become something fun to use. They finally decided to make it into a ball, and to add fun flavors and scents that would actually make it fun to buy on Amazon. The orbs even have a special click so that consumers get a special little click out of snapping them shut and dropping them into their purse.

The other big secret was a quiet entry into the market. Instead of focusing on the business, Mehra stated they focused on distribution. They wanted to get them into the market and into people’s hands without concentrating on building a presence around the business. After they had a base they worried about talking about what EOS stood for, prior to then they wanted people to see for themselves what EOS lip balm was like.

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