Madison Street Capital’s Crucial Role in Sachs Capital Group’s Acquisition of RMG

Sachs Capital Group’s successful acquisition of RMG Networks, a communications company whose headquarters is based out of Dallas, Texas, came to pass in large part due to the crucial role that the Madison Street Capital played in advising Sachs Capital Group. In the role of exclusive advisor, Madison Street Capital brought to bear its numerous considerable business relationships, its exceptional expertise guidance, and its best efforts on Sachs Capital Group’s behalf in terms of identifying and raising capital sources and working with Sachs Capital Group to the very end in the closure of the acquisition.

In the wake of Sachs Capital Group’s acquisition of RMG Networks, RMG Networks cease to be a publicly traded company. The delisting of RMG Networks from the NASDAQ Stock Exchange took effect on September 28, 2018. In accordance with the terms of the acquisition, stockholders of RMG Networks were compensated $1.29 for every share in their possession. Korbyt, RMG Networks’ recently launched cloud based, digital signage corporate communication platform, is seen as presenting tremendous growth opportunities for Sachs Capital Group—undoubtedly a major factor in Sachs Capital Group’s decision to acquire RMG Networks.

Madison Street Capital is an emerging global investment banking firm that not only invest in private equity but also provides a great number of services to both publicly and privately held client companies. These services enable their client companies to be successful in the highly competitive global marketplace. These services include corporate financial advisory services, merger and acquisition expertise, financial opinions, valuation services, corporate tax planning services, venture capital services, as well as providing companies with capital. Madison Street Capital takes the view that the emerging markets are the driving force of the global growth of their client companies and for this reason will continue to allocate a great portion of their considerable assets to these markets. Madison Street Capital reputation for in the areas of integrity, excellence, and leadership sets the firm apart from its competitors in the industry.


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