The Generous Spirit of Stream Energy

It’s so wonderful to see a for-profit company caring for their community and beyond. Stream Energy is one of those companies.

Way before Hurricane Harvey hit Houston last year, Stream Energy, a Dallas-based company, was among the first to contribute not only money, but financial assistance to its customers. Stream Energy itself is structured such that its employees develop their own business following and many of these employees go on to choose favorite causes to support. It turns out that this philanthropic spirit is intrinsic to Stream’s business model.

There are so many ways that the company has been helping people and communities. The company has had ties with the American Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity for many years, and is the engine for giving in many communities. The Stream Cares Foundation, for example, contributes funds to local communities and charities in order to help those who need it. Stream has been able to assist Hope, a Dallas-based charity helping alleviate homelessness in that area.

In 2016, Stream Energy joined the Salvation Army to help people after the Texas tornadoes. Many employees from the company assisted with funds, and Stream matched the money given. In another instance, ”Operation Once in a Lifetime” not only gave money, but also rides to veterans and their families to a luncheon at a popular Dallas restaurant. During the “American Girl Doll Experience”, another program for military personnel, ten little girls were able to choose their own doll, and lunch was included at the American Girl Café. The event was paid for solely by Stream Energy.

One Stream manager said that they are always looking for more ways to help people, in a way that connects with its employees. The Stream employees especially enjoy meeting the people they are helping. Texas, typically not a giving state, should take the example set by Stream – the kindness that the employees of Stream show to so many people is life-changing, for both the people in need and those who serve them.