Vijay Eswaran Inspiring Businessman and Philanthropist from Malaysia

Vijay Eswaran is one of the most successful businessmen in the Asian-Pacific region. In the past few years, Vijay Eswaran has been able to achieve a lot of success with his QI Group of Companies due to the global approach that he has followed. Even though he has studied socio-economics from the London School of Economics, he got interested in the world of direct and multi-level marketing when he was doing odd jobs in Europe and the United States. He further pursued his interest in the MLM business when he moved back to Malaysia in 1998 which is when he started QI Group.

The success of QI Group of companies can be attributed to the business skills of Vijay Eswaran who has not only helped the company grow over the years but has also helped millions of its members achieve financial freedom. He believes that the MLM business is all about people and growing together. He has been able to induct training programs for the members that are highly inspiring, motivating and productive in getting the results. Moreover, the products of the QI Group of companies are popular among the people that help the members sell the products more efficiently.

Vijay Eswaran is also a philanthropist and has founded a charitable foundation after the name of his father. He is also the founder of the Rhythm Foundation that is active in the field of education, healthcare and women empowerment. Vijay Eswaran believes that anyone who is in the position to give back to the society should do that as it is what would eventually help eradicate poverty and improve the overall conditions of millions of poor people on the planet. Vijay Eswaran is also a renowned author and has written multiple books in the past few years, including In the Thinking Zone, Two Minutes from the Abyss, and many others.