Francisco Domenech of Politank Receives an Award.

He is a managing partner at Politank. The organization specializes in bridging the gap between the public and private sector. It is based in Puerto Rico. It helps the Puerto Ricans to understand various public policies that affect them and their businesses. The workforce at Politank is composed of highly qualified individuals that offer advice on government affairs. The firm was established after research showed that many people do not have knowledge of how the government operates. Over the years, the company has represented fortune 100 clients on various legislative issues. Politank is also involved in various activities of giving back to the society. Some of the groups that have benefited from its donations include the Clinton Foundation, the Puerto Rico Museum of Arts, and several academic seminars. Francisco Domenech was awarded during the 40 under 40 event in 2016. The event recognizes the young entrepreneurs who have stood out in their work. Read more about Domenech at

The 2016 event was unique. The organizers of the ceremony allowed the business readers to take part in the voting process. The readers used the online platforms to vote for the best candidate. According to the organizers, the move was meant to promote democracy. The award is one of the most prestigious in the Puerto Rico’s business community. Despite the many challenges in the business environment in Puerto Rico, many businesses have remained resilient over the years. A significant number of businesses changed their locations from Puerto Rico to other areas which were conducive for business. The nominees of the award were featured on the Caribbean Business website. Unlike in the past years, professionals drawn various industries in the economy were also recognized. Some of the areas where the nominees were drawn include healthcare, engineering, and agriculture. Usually, the votes earned by each nominee are kept as a secret by the organizers. However, the number was disclosed during the 2016 event. Visit: