Alex Pall and The Chainsmokers Strive to Become Artists

The Chainsmoker’s new single “Sick Boy” has a message to share with its listeners, and that message is a little dark. It may be unheard of to look for meaning, relevance, and social commentary within the synth beat of a dance song, but that is exactly what the DJ duo of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have given us. According to Pall it is direction the duo insists on taking, as it is one more step in their overall quest of identity. Pall and Taggart do not want to be just a pair of DJ’s, they also do not want to become parodies of themselves, what they want is to be established as artists. “Sick Boy” is the first of a new series of songs that represent the groups journey of self-discovery, and so far their fans are ready to come along.


“Sick Boy” is a continuation of Alex Pall’s desire to stay away from typical DJ format. A few singles, a collection of good songs, some dance records, and an interlude shoved in their somewhere. For him relevance is found in identity and a song like “Sick Boy” provides that identity. Since the release of their first hit “#Selfie” back in 2014 life has moved pretty fast for the New York based duo. Fast enough that are still trying to sort out exactly who they are as artists. “We get together everyday and work to find our identity,” Pall stated in an interview. He also remarked that the duo is very observant about what is around them. A true statement given that “Sick Boy” focuses on a current trend like social media. For Pall it about having a collected body of work, a group of songs that carry a connection, not an album full of random dance mixes. So far, the Chainsmokers have striven to excel, actively involving themselves in songwriting, and Taggart has even started providing lead vocals. Fans will have to wait around to see what they evolve into next.