Talkspace: A New Solution to Mental Illnesses

Talkspace is the newest hope for people who suffer toxic working environment. Research shows that in the current world, there are many issues revolving around office bullying, sexual harassment, and general colleague abuse that is taking place in the work environments nowadays leading to an emergency of illnesses related to that. Over a given time encountering such leads to the production of micro-aggression, which becomes toxic in the body when accumulated. It can lead to low self-esteem, mental health problems, and feelings of being alienated from others. Talkspace has come in to rescue the victims of such toxic working environment through a thorough detoxification process especially for those facing the mental health challenges.

According to one of the contributors at Talkspace, employees facing and struggling with a mental illness requires the best environment and support, especially from the work team. In often times, this does not happen. She shares that most of the stigma in individuals is caused by the society surrounding that person. The outcome of such stigma is poor relationships, low performance at work, and diminished physical health at large. Another contributing factor in the entire suffering is time. Due to the many roles and responsibilities, some of those people in need of the therapeutic support might lack time to attend the same. Talkspace has very dedicated and fully committed therapists and psychologist who walk with the patient to full recovery. Mental illness has a much negative impact on the individual and should be addressed with urgency. Talkspace is coming up to bring a paradigm shift in this area by affecting the mental health of individuals especially those that have suffered stigma and such effects. They have a combined set of therapies and team to make it work out well. It is important to consider having a strong output from an employee as well as have them in the most improved health if profit has to be realized.