Ricardo Tosto Legal Career

Becoming a lawyer is a significant challenge for anyone. Not only are the hours long, but law school is expensive. Few people have the passion required to make a career out of being a lawyer. Ricardo Tosto started working in the legal industry while he was still in school. He was in college and wanted to gain as much experience as possible. While working for a small legal firm in his city, he learned valuable lessons about the industry. He graduated from law school and passed all of his tests. Due to his relevant work experience, he received a quality job offer from a prominent firm.

Law School

Perhaps the biggest challenge in becoming a lawyer is graduating from law school. Although college is much less expensive in Brazil than some other countries, it still requires a massive investment of both time and money to finish. Ricardo Tosto struggled in school for most of his life. However, he always had a great work ethic and was able to accomplish his goals.

Having Success


Ricardo Tosto started working at a large legal firm after his graduation. He earned more money than he ever had, and he saved most of it by living a frugal lifestyle. He wanted to operate his own business. He worked at the legal company for several years before starting his firm. Although it was hard to gain new clients at first, his company has had a lot of success.

In the coming years, Ricardo Tosto plans to expand his legal services to increase sales even more. He is excited about all of the opportunities that he has in the field.


NGP VAN Helps Democratic Campaigns Stay Tech Savvy

The past of high action intensive campaigns from the 1950s is now a technology based process. Data is used to connect voters u with campaigns. This technology helps candidates to put a number on their likely voters and to connect with them to encourage them to vote on Election Day.


What is NGP VAN?

The Obama presidential campaigns in 2008 and 2012 used a combination of tech, data, and social media to be a success. His campaigns used the tech of NGP VAN. NGP VAN is a Washington, data based data and web hosting company that is used by the Democratic Party, Liberal Canada Party, and many other hundreds of progressive organizations and labor unions. NGP VAN gives Democratic campaigns the ability to use the latest innovations in tech to have an advantage.


Tech Creates the Campaigns of Tomorrow

Political campaigns have long used the latest technology to make their campaign be a success. Because tech is always changing, people working on campaigns and candidates have to keep that in mind and seek out the most appropriate technology for their campaign to have success.


Past Campaign Uses of Innovative Technology

President FDR was elected to public office for four terms. He utilized the latest of technology of the time frame for his campaigns. He did fireside chat radio talks to connect to voters across the country. At the time his fireside chats likely seemed highly innovative to citizens and hearing him speak on a variety of issues allowed people from all across the country the ability to hear his Olivia ideas and what was currently going on in the nation.


Tech Innovations of the 21st Century

Prototype Politics: Technology Intensive Campaigning and the Data of Democracy is a book by Daniel Kreiss that discusses how political parties have infused technology into their campaigns. The book goes into depth on campaigns becoming tech focused and digital. Big data has completely altered the way campaigns run. The use of digital strategizing in the Obama campaign helped to connect him to younger voters and to organize voter events.


When Obama first ran for president, social media pages like Twitter were very young. Today, the current president uses Twitter as his go to for connecting with voters. Social media is now a vital part of campaigning. Using social media and web data campaign tools like NGP VAN allows for campaigns to be as innovative as possible. This may change again in a few years, but now NGP VAN is the campaign tool of choice for Democrats to run a strong and innovative campaign.


PSI Pay: From Classic To VIP

Forty years ago, in semi urgency auditorium formats across Junior High Schools all throughout the USA, it was announced that we would need to adjust to centimeters, kilograms and liters because of the influence of the European markets. The consolation was, we’d be able to purchase from vending machines just by waving a card. Four decades later, we’re still digging for quarter dollars, albeit they’re quite the work of art, dimes and nickels to get that Coca Cola, Pepsi or pack of peanut M&Ms to drop into our lovely little hands. Change, as PSI Pay has noticed, takes time. But once it clicks, like a speedy overpass, we never use the congested, regional roads again.


Coming from the recent era of ‘show me the money,’ acceptance of digital currency and its requisite platforms is seeing this clash with former mindsets versus practicality. Newer generations have some exposure to positive gains of digital exchange from any number of computerized games that employ a type of ‘influence banking and sharing,’ such as, TurboCharged, SIMS/SIMS4, and MAFIA II & III. Those of us still smitten by Classic Monopoly and Charades for family and neighborhood fun, not so much. PSI Pay aims to bridge that cognitive and experiential gap. Also known as ecoPayz, PSI Pay has partnered with KERV to present the first ever payment ring.


In operation since 2007, PSI Pay provides global digital wallet access allowing more than one currency to populate and transact through your PSI Pay account. You can make deposits from your debit or credit cards and other online banking exchange formats, as well. Thereby keeping your financial data more secure at the point of sale. Phil Davies, Tony Davis and Craig James, the managerial team and masterminds behind PSI Pay services each come from a rich background in banking, risk strategy and currency exchange technology. They offer free sign on whereupon users can begin depositing and transacting right away. Select from these five levels of service conveniences, Classic, Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP, the latter three of which include free exchange of international currencies. PSI Pay is found especially relevant for today’s world traveler whether by plane or augmented reality. You experience seamless mobility without the hassle of losing access to your banking balances because your traditional bank cannot understand how you just purchased a dress in Paris then an espresso in Italy.


Even those of us who then recognized that it was just a matter of time before the gadgets in Get Smart episodes would become available to the general population may find ourselves having a difficult time wrapping our heads around the concepts of wave and go payment technology. PSI Pay promises that, before long, we’ll wonder what took us so long.

Talk Fusion Lives Up To The Hype

When asking the question posed in the title, we have to ask ourselves exactly what the hype is. If you haven’t heard, the hype is that this app does it all. While this is (of course) not literally true (I tried to make it dance for me, but no luck as yet), it does do an awful lot. I would say it offers a wide enough range of services to live up to the good things that I have heard about it.


For a start, Talk Fusion offers services that are useful both to companies and private individuals. Most of these services revolve around the well-integrated use of video technology. For instance, many companies make good use of their video-capable email service for marketing purposes. I don’t think anyone would deny that a video advertisement is more memorable and effective than a simple written email with a few pictures in it and a logo splattered across the top. For the private individual, the same kind of technology allows you to enjoy a fluid and high-quality video call service. Being able to talk to your friends and family in this way is a nice bonus.


Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina, who still serves as its CEO. He is very big on the principle of “giving back”. He served Hillsborough County as a Sheriff’s deputy for awhile, but as a businessman he has shown a passion for charity. He explains his contributions to various causes and organizations by simply saying “with great success comes greater responsibility”. As such, he has made sure to hold his company to the highest standard of ethical responsibility.


Talk Fusion offers ways for users to make instant commissions, so on top of using it for all sorts of video sharing you can even make money with it. You can’t ask for much better than that. If you want to use this service on your phone, simply download an app called Fusion On The Go. It is available on both iTunes and Google Play, and can be downloaded to any mobile device.


The app works by creating a private video chat room, which you then invite your contacts to join via email or text message. Once these private chat rooms are established, they remain open and can be revisited at any time. This makes it easy to set up different rooms for each of your contacts without having to constantly create new ones.


I have to say, I am impressed with this app. Five stars! Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/TalkFusion/