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Creative design combined with health can work wonder in solving the problem of obesity in the country. The two can be brought together to deal with this problem that is threatening the future of American. With a huge section of American children suffering from obesity, education on workout sessions or even healthy eating many to be a solution that is needed. Already, the country has focused more on education, and instead of the obese cases going down, they are going further up. From around 17% ten years ago, the number now stands at 34%. This rate is an issue that needs to be handled by all means necessary otherwise it will hurt the country in the future.
According to Robert Ivy who heads the largest organization of designers and architects in the country, there is a need for more to be done to deal with this problem in a manner that is creative and not the traditional ways we are used to. According to Robert Ivy, emphasis needs to be placed at the institutions of higher learning. Students who are taking architecture and medical studies need to be brought together and learn something from the other.
In the future, we need to have architects who have training in medical aspects as well as having doctors who appreciate the role of design in solving health problems. If we have a system that will combine the knowledge or these two industries, then there is hope that the future of the health industry will be bright and we will have something to be proud of shortly.

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The American Institute of Architect is an organization that constitutes all of the professionals working in the architectural industry in America. The organization was founded in 1857 and was established with the focus on developing and improving the sector. When the organization was founded, the industry didn’t have any qualification requirements for people working in the sector. Almost anyone could become an architect, which resulted in a number of sub-par projects which cost the country a lot of money and resources. The organization pushed for the establishment of degrees and courses for people who wanted to enter into the field of architecture, which created a huge amount of development to the field as a whole.
The health of the people is a significant part of the society that needs to be taken care of by all means possible. Bring the health and design professions together will see construction work that will embrace the need for healthy living. We need residential housing plans which take care of recreational activities such as bike riding swimming among other activities that the young people may have to deal with.
The health of the people needs to be treated with the weight it deserves. It is wrong to have a nation where a high population is unproductive. For obesity, the solution lies in the ability of the designers to create designs that will make people workout and exercise their bodies. There is a program that is being developed by architects in collaboration with the University of Virginia medical school. The intention is to create a design strategy that will teach people about the effects of obesity and why they should embrace healthy living.
About Robert Ivy
Robert Ivy is CEO and Executive Vice President of American Institute of Architects. He was born in Mississippi and has a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Architecture from Tulane University.

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