American Institute Of Architects: Healthy Architectural Designs

Creative design combined with health can work wonder in solving the problem of obesity in the country. The two can be brought together to deal with this problem that is threatening the future of American. With a huge section of American children suffering from obesity, education on workout sessions or even healthy eating many to be a solution that is needed. Already, the country has focused more on education, and instead of the obese cases going down, they are going further up. From around 17% ten years ago, the number now stands at 34%. This rate is an issue that needs to be handled by all means necessary otherwise it will hurt the country in the future.
According to Robert Ivy who heads the largest organization of designers and architects in the country, there is a need for more to be done to deal with this problem in a manner that is creative and not the traditional ways we are used to. According to Robert Ivy, emphasis needs to be placed at the institutions of higher learning. Students who are taking architecture and medical studies need to be brought together and learn something from the other.
In the future, we need to have architects who have training in medical aspects as well as having doctors who appreciate the role of design in solving health problems. If we have a system that will combine the knowledge or these two industries, then there is hope that the future of the health industry will be bright and we will have something to be proud of shortly.

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The American Institute of Architect is an organization that constitutes all of the professionals working in the architectural industry in America. The organization was founded in 1857 and was established with the focus on developing and improving the sector. When the organization was founded, the industry didn’t have any qualification requirements for people working in the sector. Almost anyone could become an architect, which resulted in a number of sub-par projects which cost the country a lot of money and resources. The organization pushed for the establishment of degrees and courses for people who wanted to enter into the field of architecture, which created a huge amount of development to the field as a whole.
The health of the people is a significant part of the society that needs to be taken care of by all means possible. Bring the health and design professions together will see construction work that will embrace the need for healthy living. We need residential housing plans which take care of recreational activities such as bike riding swimming among other activities that the young people may have to deal with.
The health of the people needs to be treated with the weight it deserves. It is wrong to have a nation where a high population is unproductive. For obesity, the solution lies in the ability of the designers to create designs that will make people workout and exercise their bodies. There is a program that is being developed by architects in collaboration with the University of Virginia medical school. The intention is to create a design strategy that will teach people about the effects of obesity and why they should embrace healthy living.
About Robert Ivy
Robert Ivy is CEO and Executive Vice President of American Institute of Architects. He was born in Mississippi and has a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Architecture from Tulane University.

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What the Customer Needs and Wants

Securus Technologies is an information technology corporation that, interestingly enough, follows a particular niche that other companies have not dared to tread. Unlike other corporations within the information technology field, Securus Technologies focuses attention primarily on the penal system within the United States. Their clients are inmates and their family members, as well as individuals who work within the judicial system. Forms of technology that Securus Technologies create and implements are an interesting video chat service, as well as secure communication technologies like monitoring system and audio recording. In recent news, Securus Technologies has acquired a financial options corporation found on the internet, known as GovPayNet. This type of buyout will allow Securus to accept Paypal, different types of credit cards, and more archaic means, such as check by phone.


It is unknown when the merger will take place, although when it does clients and Securus Technologies will be able to benefit from the different payment methods immediately. This will be the first time that Securus Technologies has decided to purchase another company for its own benefit, but hopefully, it will not be the last time, as long as such a decision supports their customer’s needs. The high-level support this will create is something that Securus Technologies is already Well known for in the communication industry. Loyal customers often times mean timely payments, and Securus Technologies is on top of the competition when it comes to giving their customers what they want.


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Sahm Adrangi: The Man Behind Kerrisdale Capital

Just in his mid-thirties, Sahm Adrangi has made a name for himself in the world of capital management. He is the founder and CEO of Kerrisdale Capital Management.

Sahm Adrangi has Yale in his educational background. He graduated from the school in 2003 with a B.A. in economics. During his time at his alma mater, he wrote for the Yale Daily News. During that time, he leaned to the left politically.

After graduating, Sahm Adrangi set about making a name for himself. He started out at Deutsche Bank’s leveraged-finance investment banking group. Later, he would serve as an investment analyst at Longacre Fund Management. Soon, however, he would move on to bigger things that would turn the name Sahm Adrangi into one that would be well-recognized within the world of investing.

Adrangi founded Kerrisdale Capital Management in 2009 with just less than $1 million. Since the company’s founding, he has been actively involved in all aspects of the business. From that humble beginning of just under $1 million, Adrangi has grown the business into a capital management firm that handles approximately $500 million or so in assets as of May 2016.

Two things that Adrangi is known for is short selling and publishing research. In fact, Kerrisdale Capital has made a name for itself due to its savvy research and bold moves in short selling. In one unusual move, Adrangi raised $100 million in a co-investment fund that appears to be the first of its kind in order to bet against a single stock: Dish Network.

While some may take more conservative paths within the world of finance, Sahm Adrangi has chosen to forge a much bolder path. That is how the man behind Kerrisdale Capital Management has turned what started as a fairly small company into a major success.