Securus Technologies Is Taking A Stand Against Inmates Committing Crimes

Robert Johnson is the newest employee of Securus Technologies. Robert once worked in a prison listed as one of toughest in America. His job was to confiscate cell phones from inmates. At the time, Johnson did not even understand how an inmate would even get a cell phone into their cell. Johnson left his job after a man came into his home and shot him six times. It was soon discovered that an inmate called with a cell phone called a friend to go and kill Johnson. From that point on, Robert Johnson committed to taking a stand against inmates with cell phones.


Robert Johnson believes that confiscating a cell phone is not enough. Flip phones are cheap, and an inmate will always be able to get another phone. Johnson watched as visitors word sneak cell phones to their incarcerated family members or friends. Johnson also watched several drones drop dozens of cell phones into the prison yard. Robert Johnson believes technology is the only way to stop inmates from using cell phones.


Securus Technologies has developed a wireless containment system. All Securus needs is a specific cell phone number, and they can program this number to neither call someone nor receive calls. Once an inmate makes a call, the phone will disconnect. The best part about the technology is that the calls are listed on a database controlled by Securus, so they immediately know which inmate tried to make the call.


Securus Technologies has already stopped almost 2 million outgoing calls, and they plan to double this number over the next several months. Securus is working closely with Robert Johnson to develop the technology in a way that is beneficial and safe for both the public and inmates. Securus Technologies is happy to have Robert Johnson as part of their team. Robert Johnson has worked in the prison system for almost 30 years, so he is able to give Securus sure advice on how to execute their technology.