Daniel Taub is the ambassador of Israel to Britain. He was born in the United Kingdom, and he later moved to Israel. When Daniel Taub became the ambassador of Israel, trade between Israel and the United Kingdom grew to 8 billion. Not only has trade increased, business, academic and cultural links have also deepened between the two countries. Daniel Taub became Israel’s ambassador in the year 2011.

Daniel has put his focus on interfaith and cross-cultural activity. Daniel has received an invitation to lecture Hebrew classes at the Church of England Synod and in Westminster Abbey.

Daniel Taub has had an outreach to cultural and ethnic groups during cultural events and has worked together with other ambassadors. Daniel Taub is a public speaker and a lecturer who is known for his humor. He is lectures are famous at the Limmud conference.

Daniel Taub has gotten interviews from different stations: CNN, Hard talk, News night, Sky News and the BBC. Daniel was the first Israel Ambassador to be interviewed by the BBC Persian service. Daniel Taub lectures in Universities and policy institutions across Israel and abroad. Because of Daniel’s growing up in the United Kingdom, he has been able to create a close relationship with the British Jewish community. Read more: Daniel Taub | About and Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

Daniel also established an Israel Programme that is adopted by the Jewish community. In the year 2013 on March, Daniel Taub became the ambassador of International Maritime Organization that is in London, but he moved to Israel when his term as an Ambassador ended in the year 2015. In the year 2013, Daniel Taub was awarded the Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Honoree for offering his support to entrepreneurs and young start-ups.

Daniel Taub writes about the Middle East and Israel and the articles appear in The Times, The Daily Telegraph, the Huffington Post and The Guardian. Daniel Taub has written Parasha Diplomatic, a book which gives insight on biblical texts. He is also the chief scriptwriter of Hechatzer which is an Israel drama series. The series is a cross between the Chosen and Dallas which breaks down stereotypes of religious and secular in Israel’s society.

Daniel Taub succeeded as a diplomat since he was conversant with cultures of both countries. having been raised up in the United Kingdom and later moving to Israel as an adult. Daniel could be able to relate to the issues affecting the two countries. he was in the right position to make a sound decision whenever there was a matter of interest between the countries.

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