For Roberto Santiago, the Silver Spoon was not given

Roberto Santiago is a successful entrepreneur in Brazil, who owns the Maniara Shopping Mall. Although Roberto has made it to the elite group in the society, he was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth; he worked his way to the top.

Many Talents

Roberto is a man, who has many talents and whatever he puts his hands to prospers. Case in point, he started as a children literature author, a field in which he did very well. Roberto was recognized on the Brazilian early education systems as an expert in what he did. He then changed his interests to script writing, where he equally did well. While there, Roberto also became a play and movie director and many pieces are accredited to his creativity. Roberto is also passionate about motorsports and bawling, fields in which he scooped several national trophies for his dedication. However, the change in Roberto’s life began with the success in his blog posts. He used his life experiences to advise people on how to handle challenges in life. Since everyone has one or two hurdles to deal with, Roberto gathered a large following around the world. Consequently, he generated some income from the blog website and gained some interest in investing.


Roberto realized that he needed to further his education to invest wisely. Immediately, he enrolled in Pio Marxist College, where he earned a Bachelor Of Commerce. After his graduation, he joined the University Center, which is located in Joao Pessoa, and majored in business education.


While Roberto was in college, he decided to begin a business. At that point, he lacked the finances to run a big business or buy his own land. Consequently, he rented some small space in which he ran the Santa Rosa Café. He knew that this was not his destiny so he saved every coin, which he gained from the business. The savings helped Roberto start a cartonnage company that mainly dealt with the manufacture of cardboards and other utility items. Roberto says that the business was his turning point as he made enough profit to buy the land on which he built the Manaira Shopping Mall. Within two years of buying the land, Roberto managed to construct the mall and launch it.

Maniara Shopping Mall

The Maniara shopping mall was started with the intention of selling all products under one roof. Further, Roberto sought to provide fun and comfort to all his clients from Brazil and beyond. The mall has shopping stores, luxurious food courts, banks, gaming areas, stadium and theaters among other businesses. One of the most famous units in the building is the Domus Hall that is located on the rooftop. The hall hosts many social functions, ranging from weddings to graduations and exhibits.