Sajwani’s Role in the Growth of DAMAC Properties

Roots and Career History of Hussain Sajwani


The chairman of DAMAC properties Hussain Sajwani has had a history in the food industries. Long before the establishment of the DAMAC properties in 2002, the Hussain Sajwani family had taken part in establishing of hotels in Middles East after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the influx of visitors in Dubai. The hotels he built targeted to the business people coming to trade in Dubai. However, despite the increased sales in the hotels, Sajwani identified unexploited, yet a potential market of dealing with engineering, real estate, and construction. The visitors from different parts of the globe were getting interested in owning property in Dubai, and thus the real estate business established in Dubai with international touch would be essential.


History of DAMAC Properties


DAMAC Properties began its operations in 2002 as an opportunity to tap the real estate development which remained untapped. DAMAC Properties is a well-performing firm having made its brand recognizable in the industry through its various roles. The company has about two thousand employees with shares traded in Dubai Financial market. As a public company, it has one of the best financial records through the maintenance of consistent growth over time and being able to withstand economic crisis.


The Milestones of DAMAC Properties


It is among the best luxury properties developers and has so far constructed over 16,800 homes, whereas it has a development range of over 44,000 units in various planning and progress stages. The DAMAC owner, Sajwani has built strong relationships with prominent people like President Trump who has been his business partner. In fact, their relationship has gone beyond business to a cordial relationship such that the families visit each other. The Trump organization manages the Tiger Woods golf course project.

Additionally, through the DAMAC ‘Maison,’ the company provides bespoke services to residents of over 12,000 hotel apartments in the Middle East. Such services have placed DAMAC among the leading hotel apartment operators in the region and area that has high potential for growth as more business people adopt hotel apartments.


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For Roberto Santiago, the Silver Spoon was not given

Roberto Santiago is a successful entrepreneur in Brazil, who owns the Maniara Shopping Mall. Although Roberto has made it to the elite group in the society, he was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth; he worked his way to the top.

Many Talents

Roberto is a man, who has many talents and whatever he puts his hands to prospers. Case in point, he started as a children literature author, a field in which he did very well. Roberto was recognized on the Brazilian early education systems as an expert in what he did. He then changed his interests to script writing, where he equally did well. While there, Roberto also became a play and movie director and many pieces are accredited to his creativity. Roberto is also passionate about motorsports and bawling, fields in which he scooped several national trophies for his dedication. However, the change in Roberto’s life began with the success in his blog posts. He used his life experiences to advise people on how to handle challenges in life. Since everyone has one or two hurdles to deal with, Roberto gathered a large following around the world. Consequently, he generated some income from the blog website and gained some interest in investing.


Roberto realized that he needed to further his education to invest wisely. Immediately, he enrolled in Pio Marxist College, where he earned a Bachelor Of Commerce. After his graduation, he joined the University Center, which is located in Joao Pessoa, and majored in business education.


While Roberto was in college, he decided to begin a business. At that point, he lacked the finances to run a big business or buy his own land. Consequently, he rented some small space in which he ran the Santa Rosa Café. He knew that this was not his destiny so he saved every coin, which he gained from the business. The savings helped Roberto start a cartonnage company that mainly dealt with the manufacture of cardboards and other utility items. Roberto says that the business was his turning point as he made enough profit to buy the land on which he built the Manaira Shopping Mall. Within two years of buying the land, Roberto managed to construct the mall and launch it.

Maniara Shopping Mall

The Maniara shopping mall was started with the intention of selling all products under one roof. Further, Roberto sought to provide fun and comfort to all his clients from Brazil and beyond. The mall has shopping stores, luxurious food courts, banks, gaming areas, stadium and theaters among other businesses. One of the most famous units in the building is the Domus Hall that is located on the rooftop. The hall hosts many social functions, ranging from weddings to graduations and exhibits.


Whitney Wolfe Has Business Professionals Buzzing About Bumble Bizz

What Whitney Wolfe has realized more so than anything is that people are looking for a chance to stay connected to friends online and actually meet new friends. Sometimes this involves dating. At other times they are interested in networking. There are all kind of ways for people to engage with one another when it comes to building better apps.

Whitney Wolfe has certainly shown that there is a lot to gain by creating a platform where networking with one another can be put to use through her app. That may be one of the biggest reasons that she decided to introduce Bumble Bizz.

Whitney Wolfe would diversify her dating app and make people much more aware of the greater possibilities of networking. She did not want to be a company that was pigeonholed into just being a dating app.

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Whitney Wolfe has had the foresight to realize that people that found matches on Bumble would no longer have a need for an app if this is the only thing that she specialized in. That’s why she wanted to make a company like Bumble much more diverse by creating opportunities for people to find friends and network with potential business partners. People can appreciate the diversity that Whitney Wolfe has brought to the social media world because that allows them to connect through one company.

They have access to a multitude of different things even if they are not dating. This is what makes her different from all of the entrepreneurs that have been doing things separately. She has been successful because she has been willing to expand.

This is the way that Whitney Wolfe has managed to stay relevant in recent months. She has continued to give people access to an app world where there is more to see because she continues to bring forth a high level of diversity. She borrow some things from apps like Snapchat. At other times she creates a new wave of excitement through her apps by borrowing from Facebook. Her ability to borrow concepts and tweak these apps in her own way makes Bumble popular.

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