Vijay Eswaran – Successful Entrepreneur and a Well-Know Figure in Malaysia

Vijay Eswaran is one of the most prominent names in the world of business and finance in Malaysia. He has inspired many entrepreneurs in the country to pursue their dreams and achieve significant through his successful start-up, which is now a multi-national conglomerate, QI Group. QI Group has its global headquarters in Hong Kong, but has branches in over 30 nations, including in Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Philippines, and more.

Throughout his childhood, Vijay Eswaran had a nomadic lifestyle because of his father’s job at the Malaysian Ministry of Labor. However, once he finished his high school, he moved to London where Vijay Eswaran joined the reputed London School of Economics, and for his post-graduation, he went to Southern Illinois University and completed Masters in Business Administration. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

He continued changing jobs on and off during this period and was introduced with the binary marketing system during this time. After completing his MBA, he went on to work for a firm named Synaptics, where he understood the MLM business model in-depth. Vijay developed a keen interest in binary system market and went on to pursue certification course at CIMA.

However, Vijay Eswaran chose to work in his home country and returned to Malaysia soon after. Here, one of the leading MLM enterprises named Cosway Group asked Vijay to manage the company’s business in the Philippines, and Vijay gladly accepted the offer. It helped him develop an in-depth understanding of the MLM business and equipped him with the practical experience he so needed to start his MLM company.

After Vijay Eswaran had managed to gain sufficient expertise in the sector, he began QI Group, which today is involved in many different industries, starting from telecommunications to travel, and from consumer goods to digital products, luxury goods, media, and more.

QI Group also empowers people by giving them the opportunity to be self-reliant and achieve their financial goals through the company’s unique multi-marketing model. The company is aware of its corporate social responsibility and has a foundation named Rhythm Foundation that not only donates to various social and community welfare causes but also encourages the company’s employees to volunteer in different social welfare initiatives.

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Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group

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