About Jim Tananbaum the Founder and CEO of Forecast Capital

In an article on Wired, on April 2017, Foresite Capital announced that its CEO and MD Jim Tananbaum was named for the third time in a row on the Midas List by Forbes top 100 venture capitalists of the year. The top venture capitalists are recognized for their ability of making successful investments in the leading tech firms that create excellent returns for their investors. Jim Tananbaum was ranked #52 on the list.

Dr. Jim Tananbaum has over 25 years of experience in the healthcare and investment industries. He is the founder of Foresite Capital. The entrepreneur focuses on expanding financial and operational opportunities for investors in the healthcare industry. He designed the firm’s investment structure and strategy, and that has played critical role of helping their clients. For over two decades now, Tananbaum has created and helped other firms to grow in the entire healthcare industry. Earlier in his career, Dr. Tananbaum co-founded GelTex Pharmaceuticals, a company that specialized in production of two drugs, which was later sold for $1.6 billion. Today, the two products generate revenues of about $1 billion.

Jim Tananbaum’s Education Background

Dr. Tananbaum studied at Yale University and graduated with degrees in BS and BSEE. He later joined Harvard Medical School and graduated with M.D, at MIT he earned M.S., and Harvard Business School for his MBA. Jim also serves on various boards and committees of institutions like Harvard, Yale, MIT and others.

Overview of Forecast Capital

Under the leadership of Dr. Jim Tananbaum, Forecast Capital has emerged as a top platform providing investment opportunities from the most innovative and exciting healthcare firms. The company provides innovative services to healthcare companies operating in both private and public sectors. The firm has offices located in San Francisco and New York City. Forecast Capital has invested about $1.1 billion in assets under management in the healthcare industry. Recently, the firm added another executive to its leadership team. Dr. Molly He., was named as a venture partner to help the company continue with providing exciting opportunities to grow and expand while at the same time focusing on investment services that benefit healthcare companies.

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